Digital Emily

How Digital Emily Was Created

Emily O'Brien was an actress and model most known for her role as Jana Hawkes Fisher on the Young & the Restless from 2006 to 2011.

She is also widely known for being the face of Digital Emily, which was a project created to show the advanced facial imagery that could be created with computers.

Image Metrics was the company that created the technology behind Digital Emily in a collaborative effort with the USC Institute for Creative Technologies Graphics Lab.

The final results were first displayed in 2009.

With many people unable to tell that Digital Emily wasn't an actual person, it was easy to see how this technology was going to revolutionize computer graphics and gaming.

Video of Digital Emily

As you can see, the image capture is quite amazing and the level of detail is very high. Such advanced degress of computer animation is inherently very data intensive, so any game or video using this technology would use up a lot of bandwidth.

Most of the Internet service providers around the world would have to increase their bandwidth capacity by a large margin before the technology behind Digital Emily could ever be used on a wide scale.

Interactions with Digital personas would also be hampered by latency, such as typically encountered by using a satellite internet service. Newer satellites in use by companies such as Dish Network Internet would handle this latency much better.

It is expected that broadband companies would probably need to reach 1GB connection speeds or higher before we would see these kinds of realistic computer animations in our everyday video games and other broadband Internet programs. If you need to find a new, faster Internet connection, check this site for Internet Providers By Zip Code.

Still, it is only a matter of time before we see games, customer support, and online sales being handles by animated personas that look as realistic as Digital Emily.